New album out now!

New album out now!
‘Somewhere in the Maze’



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3nd Mar. 2023
Auditorium Rai so Torino
Via Gioacchino Rossini, 15, 10124 Torino, Italy



For over a decade Satuo has been a musical melting pot, allowing it’s bandmembers from Austria, Finland and Italy to develop their unique songs using whatever ingredients they happen to find inspiring. You will hear nordic folk songs interpreted in flamenco style, there will be Banjo and Mandolin playing music from Russia or the Accordion accompany an American traditional. There’s latin influences, bluesy bits, Jazz or Rock elements and lyrics in English, Finnish, German, Swedish and Russian.

Besides deconstructing traditional music from all over the world and making it their own by extraordinary interpretation most of Satuo’s songs are original compositions, coined by a lyrical and intimate narrative – ‘Satu’ translated from Finnish means story or fairytale and that is exactly what the musicians of Satuo do: they speak to you in their own language they created together, finding the common denominator between their diverse musical backgrounds. Playing in the same formation for many years has connected the members of the group in a close friendship that does not stay hidden to the audience. They have been through a lot together – great experiences like playing over 150 shows in eleven European countries and recording four albums but also tragedies like the sudden hearing loss of singer Laura Korhonen in 2018. Without her natural hearing she had to learn how to understand sound and music from scratch using cochlear implants (electronical prothesises that replace the human hearing) and fought her way back to the stage. Don’t miss the passionate comeback of this group!

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