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1st Sept. 2023, 19:30
3512 Oberbergern

9th Sept 2023 / 20:30
’Somewhere in the Maze’ Album Release Show, Porgy&Bess,  Riemergasse 11, 1010 Wien

29th Sep. 2023 / time t.b.a.
Wiener Konzerthaus, Beat the Silence

30th Sep. 2023/ time t.b.a.
Thurners Kulturhaus, Bruck an der Großglocknerstasse, Salzburgerstraße 3

11th Oct. 2023 / 20:00
Die Brücke, Graz, Grabenstraße 39a



“Tradition is not the worship of ashes, but the preservation of fire!” The musicians of Satuo have spent the last ten years searching for inspiration in different musical styles from all over the world in order to enrich their compositions and multilingual lyrics with that special “spice” they need to create their own authentic and individual songs. The ingrediencies for their music might come from (finnish) Tango, Bluegrass, Chanson, Hip Hop or any other genre that comes to mind and one should always expect the unexpected when this band decides to interpret a folksong or traditional with their unique approach. The voice of Finnish front singer Laura Korhonen, over 150 gigs all over Europe and the warm acoustic sound of Satuos Arrangements create their consistent sound.

The members of the band come from Finland, Austria and Italy and they normally work in different musical projects (as diverse as classical music, jazz, punkrock or brassbands), which makes the outcome of their cooperation even more colorful. A strong bond of friendship between all the musicians turns every show into an emotional experience that leaves no one untouched. Together they have mastered many obstacles, the most challenging setback being Laura Korhonen turning deaf in autumn 2018. The cause for her hearing loss could never be found but after several operations and hard years of training she now is the first singer worldwide, that comes back to stage using modern implant technology instead of her natural ears.

This makes the comeback of the group for their 10-years anniversary even more spectacular – don’t miss this comeback!


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